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St. Patric’s Day in Yokohama

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 CAFE BAR NUMBER 15(#15)さん。メインの通りからは外れていますが、見つけられたら是非。我々はカウンター席に座りましたが、上がるためには一度地下に潜らなければならない2階にテーブル席も有り。そんな不思議でお洒落な造りも含めて、店内良い感じです。もちろん、ハンバーガーもおいしかったです(上の写真はアボカドバーガー。ギネスは2杯目)。

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 その後は中華街で買い物して、PHAKCHI JO’Sでもう少し飲んで帰りました。ありがとう、エメラルドグリーンのお祭り、また来年。

Last weekend, Ms. N and I was in Yokohama Motomachi to see St. Patric’s Day Parade. Although we missed it went while we had had a plate of hamburger with two pints of Guinness for each, finally could see all when it came back.

(Because there was really nice and comfortable place. Of course, the burger was also good. We liked the construction that we had to once go underground to go upstairs for the bathroom. Please try CAFE BAR NUMBER 15 (#15) on a side street from Motomachi Shopping Street.)

Seeing people looks very happy in the color of emerald green even made us happy. We also went shopping and had a drink more to spend the rest of the day.
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It may be a harsh season for Consadole, still we enjoyed the game.


Last night Ms. N and I went to see J1 league night game between Yokohama F Marinos and Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo, my home town team, at NHK Spring Mitsuzawa Football Stadium. It finally ended in 3-0 perfect victory for the home team F Marinos.

Consadole is a champion of last season’s J2 and a newcomer of this season’s J1 but it seemed they were still not enough a little for upper stage. Although some good players showed good works, it was for the home team totally and Consadole lost season first 2 games with the defeat. It may be a harsh season for them...


However, we enjoyed the game, singing and shouting to encourage and push their back. And of course, beer in the stand was nice as usual! It is early to give up all. Go, Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo!
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Ume blossom viewing and owl cafe

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Yesterday, Ms. N and I again walked long. This week we went to Okurayama Park for 4 rail stations distance to see Ume blossom there. It was about half blooming but the small and pretty and impressive flowers were really beautiful as usual; I love those flowers. Maybe next weekend when the big Ume blossom viewing event is planned by Kohoku Ward, it will get full and excellent. It must be good to visit and see.

After that we stood by an owl café, Fukurow Jinja (Owl Shrine) by her recommendation and actually it turned to an exciting experienced for me; of course, it was my first time to go to owl café and to touch those many owls (owl is raptorial). I did not know they were not only cute or smart but also gentle and quiet and friendly like that. When we touch and stroke them, the softness and warmth totally grasp and hold our hearts totally… I even put one of them, the biggest horned owl in the café; actually he was less heavy than I expected, it was almost amazing. I felt so happy!

The building that Fukurou Jinja is placed has a very unique and interesting shape and form, and soon we found the structure itself was famous in the architecture world at the wine shop in the same building. Of course, the more important thing for us was the wine shop selling many attractive wines especially came from Macedonia and Austrarian bottle beer. We had fun to drink the Aussie beer looking around the labels and bottles of variety of wines and also talking with the shopkeeper. She was so nice.

We had a great weekend again!
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Beerful Weekends!

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Last weekend, Ms. N and I went to Japan Brewers Cup 2017 at Yokohama Osanbashi Hall this year too and have great tasty beers with some friends.

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The hall was full of beer fans gathering to this year’s first big craft beer event.

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More than 30 craft beer breweries was selling their works at their booths and we usually chose this tasting set or beer flight style to know and compare deferent taste or style beers of same brewery or just to bring back to the table as many cups as possible at once. So we can benefit from making group; the more friends, the more we can shaire variety of tastes and flavores.

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This is not picture of us but great… Perfect happy tower!

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Beautiful sun set appeared when we came out of the hall. It was a nice day.

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Yesterday Saturday, we got a little long walk to Isezaki-cho, maybe it was around 5 kilometers, with back packed books for each to sell them to BOOK OFF in Isezaki-cho. We saw Ume blossom flowering and even very early blooming cherry blossom!

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And then, we have some good beers at SHYNCHRONICITY, one of our favourite pubs there. The picture is Yoru no tobari (Veil of Darkness) from Kyoto Brewing, a beautiful and sweet but deep Imperial Stout.

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I love my life (at least in weekends)!
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Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!

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 以前から気になっていたお店でしたが正解でした。クリスマスのコースは量も味も大満足。メインのひとつ前のバカリャロス(タラの唐揚げ にんにくソース)もメインのローストターキーも美味しかったです。ギリシャワインもさすが料理にぴったりの味。こめかみが痛くなるほど甘いデザートも、記憶に残ることでしょう。


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For this year’s Christmas dinner, we chose Sparta; the Greek restaurant in Yoshida-machi. It was totally fine; we had a beautiful and delicious eve with those very nice Greek taste dish and wine.

And today, we spent the Christmas at home and Ms. N cocked for us. We also enjoyed the bottle of wine we bought last night and a berry cake we went out for that this afternoon.

Merry Christmas!
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